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Scarf Project

We are selling Swirly scarves (See the picture) as our fall/winter fund raising event.

These scarves can be worn in a cold weather to cover around your neck or can wear as a fashion statement in anywhere regardless of the climate.

Each scarf will be made out of beautiful and colorful yarns of your choice.

Please state the color and the number of scarf/scarves that you like to purchase.

Single scarf: $10 plus shipping and handling
2 scarves: $15 plus shipping and handling
3 scarves: $25 plus shipping and handling

You can pay online through your PayPal account or credit card OR mail a personal cheque payable to MGCAANA (payable to MGCAANA Assoc.).

E-mail Address
Number of scarf/scarves
Color(s) of your choice(s)
Payment Method:
  Using my PayPal Account
  Using a Credit Card
 Personal Cheque