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Vidya Scholarship Trust Fund (VSTF)

Mahamaya Girls' College Alumnae Association of North America

2021-2022 MGCAANA Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship:

  • This scholarship is intended to provide cost of books and material for a single semester for MGCAANA members pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States and Canada

  • One (1) scholarship of $250.00 will be awarded this year.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to a student demonstrating outstanding academic achievements, leadership ability, participation in extracurricular activities, and a significant level of financial need.

  • Incoming high school students are required to include copies of their school transcript(s) /G.C.E. Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examination Certificates (if applicable).

Relatives of the Board of Directors and Officers of MGCAANA are eligible to apply, if they qualify otherwise.


November 15, 2021 - February 28, 2022.
Applications postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted.


On or before March 31, 2022


To download the 2021-2022 MGCAANA Scholarship Application please click  Scholarship Application.

Be sure to read the 'Instructions and Requirements' carefully before completing the application.

If you have any questions about the MGCAANA Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Selection Committee at mahamaya_alumnae@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Mahamaya Girls' College Alumnae Association of North America Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Program, and we look forward to reading your completed application.

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