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Vidya Scholarship Trust Fund (VSTF)

Vidya Scholarship Trust Fund (VSTF)

The Vidya Scholarship Trust Fund (VSTF) set up by Mahamaya Girls' College Alumnae Association North America (MGCAANA) provides financial aid to financially-disadvantaged students at Mahamaya Girls' College. Scholarships from VSTF pay for educational expenses and/or boarding fees of students attending Mahamaya. "Vidya," a Sanskrit word, means knowledge/wisdom. Our initial goal was to raise at least $20,000. We reached this goal in 2018. As of December 2021, we have raised $ 28,355.00, the interest from which has been going toward awarding around 14-18 scholarships per year. To continue this noble cause, we have decided to set a new goal of $50,000.



Please write your cheque to "Mahamaya Girls' College Alumnae Association of North America" with "Vidya Scholarship Trust Fund" in the memo line and send it to the following mailing address:

2417, NE 20th Street,
Renton, WA 98056,

Our vision is to ensure that every academically competent child who enters Mahamaya Girls' College is able to complete their education irrespective of their financial background.

A considerable number of students who get the opportunity to enter Mahamaya at grade 6 through the national scholarship exam are from underprivileged families who live in rural areas. The underprivileged families find it difficult to meet the financial needs of the students who come to city schools that are far from their homes. Hence, some families choose to take them back to the rural schools after some time. In cooperation with the school's administration, our intervention is to stop them from taking their children back and to ensure them the opportunity for a better education.

Why do we have to support underprivileged students?
It is our social responsibility to reduce inequalities that constrain the potential in our society and give these students the opportunity for a better education.

The VSTF Board of Trustees
There are five Trusties, appointed by MGCAANA, who will ensure that the deserving students are selected in a fair manner and take care of the investments of the Trust. The Trustees will comprise persons with relevant legal and financial investment knowledge in Sri Lanka, and they will be answerable to MGCAANA.

Is your donation tax deductible?
MGCAANA is a non-profit organization and is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thus, if you are donating from the United States, your contributions are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code.

Donor Recognition
The names of the donors will be displayed on a plaque at Mahamaya Girls' College in Kandy, Sri Lanka.