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Code of Ethics

The Mahamaya alumnae are a diverse and unique group of individuals.  Members and honorary members of the MGCAANA  recognize the importance of adhering to the ‘Code of Ethics’ set by the Organization.   Therefore, the alumnae members and honorary members shall commit themselves to honor the ethical principles of the organization that are designed to protect the individual rights and privileges of its members and the MGCAANA.  Such principles include:

a.   Treat all members equally and fairly, and with respect, irrespective of their social, professional, or economic standing, since each and every member is equally important to the Organization

b.   Not to let personal beliefs and convictions to interfere with the working of the Organization

c.   To commit ourselves to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of individual members

d.   Not to promote private interests at the expense of the Organization and our alma mater

e.   Desist from creating any type of conflicts within the Organization 

f.    Any disagreements, grievances, conflicts, and uncertainties should be immediately brought before the Board of Directors for resolution.  The decision of the Board of Directors of MGCAANA on such matters would be final.